Founder's Message

Being a founder of this educational institution named All Saints Junior HighSchool and well established at Sherkot (Bijnor) of U.P., I feel honored and in this regard I would like to say that every educational institution is expected to achieve its goal and to exercise the aim of education.
Mr. Hazi Afzal Ahmad

Manager Message

All Saints Junior HighSchool, Sherkot, Distt. Bijnor( U.P). aims at providing holistic education of global standards, for the harmonious development of the personality of each child. We provide intensive and allround training for a responsive and responsible citizenship.
Mr. Shadab Khan

Principal Message

I feel honoured being the Principal of All Saints Junior HighSchool, Sherkot. I congratulate you all For the commendable efforts to make this school wonderful.We can focus our dedication towards evoking a passion for learning and developing the requisite set of attitude skills and knowledge
Mrs. Naghma Raise


All Saints Junior Highschool is away from the din of the town. It is an English Medium, co-educational institution .

The school has ultra-modern and gracious facilities. Students at All Saints Junior Highschool are encouraged to develop a keen sense of self-identity and positive self estreem.Diversity is valued highly and students develop a good understanding of their multi-cultural world. The school embodies the essential ingredients of global school, always striving to say on the cutting edge of new and sound educational programmes. The school has a student body that excels in academic and extra curricular endeavours, staff committed to excellence and a supportive parent community.



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